A research-based service that leverages ADAPTs unique and
unprecedented local data points to equip A/NZ executives and their teams with the insights,
examples, peer advice and tools required to accelerate informed decision making.


ADAPT Research & Advisory services are delivered via an online platform and through
dedicated account management.

ADAPT’s online platform equips you and your team with 24/7 access to:
  • ​Localised Research, fact-based actionable insights and deep dives from ADAPT's analyst team underpinned by A/NZ data.
  • ​Reports refine and compare 1000's of surveys on the activity and intentions of local CIO, CDO, CFO, Security, Cloud and business leaders.
  • ​Boardroom Summaries from peer-led round table discussions, distilled by independent analyst moderators under the Chatham House rules.
  • ​​Community Interviews reveal user stories, peer projects, tactics, pitfalls and results from global and local experts.
  • ​​Peer Use Cases and case studies detailing the successes and challenges of projects and initiatives.
  • ​Locally Focused Vendor Due Diligence and capability analysis of incumbents, market entrants and start-ups.
  • Analysis of Market Trends, commentary on A/NZ business & IT, competitive information and local knowledge.
  • Expert Keynotes from all Edge events on demand, also distilled to digestible 1-page executives summaries.
  • ​​Local Data Points, factual statistics on industry, investments and technology activity to validate business cases and strategic decisions.
  • ADAPT Data Slides for customer and board room presentations. Data driven research from local sample sizes available as images & PPT.
Dedicated Account Management for our clients includes:
  • ​Research & Advisory Client Events, debate challenges as a community, build your network at private programs with no vendors.
  • ​ADAPT Community Networking, find and meet your executive counterparts and peers. 
  • ​Accelerated Procurement Research, ADAPT's insights and network helps to qualify and connect aligned solution providers. 
  • ​ADAPT C-level Edge Events, priority 1 ticket access to invitation only national executive events. 
  • ​Private Executive Roundtables, access for you and your teams to ADAPT's calendar of 65 topic specific round tables across A/NZ.


More Local A/NZ Insights

And intelligence than any provider in Australia & New Zealand

Priced to Enable and Align Teams

Not just individuals

Over 12,000 Annual

Interactions and 3,000 delegates drive deep peer insights

Access Your Local Community

Of peers, partners and providers

Produce Over 250 

Articles of localised content and research each year

Market Leading Edge Event

Business and technology content

Dedicated Account Manager

On-call to guide and advise you and your team


To private Research & Advisory client events, roundtables and ADAPT Edge events


ADAPT are proud to work with Australia’s most dynamic and influential organisations from a wide range of industries and sectors including:

Financial Services

Federal Government 


State Government 

Media & Entertainment 

Logistics, Wholesale & Distribution

Construction & Engineering 


Power Generation & Industrial 

Industrial & Environmental Services 

For more information about how we are helping our clients accelerate and strengthen their decision making, schedule a call with an ADAPT adviser by using the button below.


  • 1 hour Live Briefing with a Senior ADAPT Analyst valued at $2,000 (can be delivered to individuals or large teams)
  • ​6 x VIP All-Inclusive Packages to ADAPT Edge Events valued at $12,000 (1 per Edge Event)


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Senior Director, Research & Advisory Practice
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